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Leah Royden


How I see things

Mental distress shrinks our world – and how that looks and feels varies from person to person.

For some, life feels colourless and numb. For others, frightening and overwhelming. We may be unable to tear our focus from our bodies, or what we put into them. We may cling to others in fear or loneliness, or we may find the world too much to bear and retreat into quiet, hopeless solitude. We may rage against something that has happened to us in ways that frighten ourselves and our loved ones.

Whatever struggle you are facing, my ultimate goal in therapy with you will be the same – the expansion of your world and your possibilities for life. I offer the best skills, knowledge, and environment I can to match your particular needs.

A successful therapy, in my eyes, is one that not only offers relief and healing for you but a ‘new normal’. An ending you could not have imagined at the beginning.


EXPERIENCE and areas of interest

I have experience in working with addictions, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, body image, anger, compulsive behavior, grief and loss, and suicide bereavement.

My training covers a broad variety of topics, and I welcome patients from all backgrounds.



Leah consistently demonstrates dedication, attentiveness and skill with her clients. Her vocational passion shines through when she speaks of her work, and the joy she experiences when she registers her clients’ internal shifts.
— (Private)
Deeply thoughtful and with a natural curiosity, Leah has the capacity to bring both these skills together in service of her therapeutic work. She works diligently and carefully, and is wholly committed to understanding and working with clients’ unique thoughts, values and beliefs.
— (Private)

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